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1 April Titanic's sea trials postponed due to bad weather.
2 April 0600: Sea trials begin.
20:00: Sea trials end. Titanic heads for Southampton.
4 April Titanic arrives at Southampton around midnight.
10 April Titanic departs Southampton at 12 noon. While departing, suction from propellers causes New York to break free of moorings. Quick action by tugs and extra speed from Titanic avert collision.
17:30 (5:30 p.m.): Arrival at Cherbourg, France. 274 passengers board including John Jacob Astor. 22 passengers disembark.
20:30 (8:30 p.m.): Departs Cherbourg for Queenstown, ( Cobh), Ireland.
11 April 11:30 (11:30 a.m): Titanic arrives in Queenstown. 120 passengers board. Among those who depart is Frances Brown (later Father Brown, SJ) with his camera and photos of life aboard ship.
13:30 (1:30 p.m.). Titanic departs Queenstown bound for New York with 2,206 passengers and crew.
12 April Titanic travels 326 miles.
13 April Titanic travels 519 miles. Ice sightings reported by other ships. Rappahannock
reports heavy ice.
14 April 23:40 (11:40 p.m.) Lookouts Fleet and Lee sight iceberg. Bell rung and call to bridge. Murdoch orders helm hard a-starboard and engines reversed. Starboard side scraped by iceberg for 300 feet puncturing hull in various places. Water fills forward compartments. Thomas Andrews informs Captain Smith near midnight Titanic will stay afloat no more than 2 hours.
15 April 02:20.: Titanic founders.
0400: Carpathia arrives and begins recovery operations of lifeboats. Dawn reveals large icefield and some bergs 200 feet tall. 712 survivors rescued; about 1,496 perish
0730: Californian arrives but only finds Mount Temple. Sights Carpathia.
0830: Carpathia and California alongside. Carpathia requests she continue search for survivors. Californian only finds debris. Carpathia departs for New York.
10:40-11:20: Californian gives up search and departs. Discrepancy between log and  Third Officer Groves makes time approximate.
18 April Carpathia arrives New York in evening. Unloads White Star Line lifeboats and then docks at Pier 54. Titanic survivors disembark.
19 April Californian arrives Boston in morning. Captain Lord tells press his ship was stopped by ice field and wireless shut down for night. Learns of Titanic sinking at 05:30 from
April-May American inquiry headed by Senator Smith.
May-June British inquiry headed by Lord Mersey
Sources: Walter Lord, A Night To Remember & The Night Lives On, Stephen Cameron, Titanic: Belfast's Own.

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